Helping Out

UKIP depends on its supporters to spread the message out there. So how can you help?

There are many ways you can be involved in helping UKIP, whether or not you are a member. Simple things such as putting a VOTE UKIP poster in your window at election time to posting leaflets in your street.

Does it take up a lot of time?

Elections might run once or twice a year in your area, so putting up a poster is a 2 minute job and leafleting in your surrounding streets of say 120 houses will take just a couple of hours once or twice a year. Leafleting is a really important part of campaigning and directly improves the number of votes we get, so it is very worthwhile.

What else can I do?

If time allows, you can help further when you become a member by canvassing on the doorstep, setting up or joining a committee or sub-committee in your area or standing as a councillor for your town, parish, district or county. Full support is given to candidates by your local UKIP branch and region.

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Ways I Can Help UKIP

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